Hand Sanitiser Unit that plays Video!

by | Apr 25, 2020

Here is something else we at Severn Signs have been working on during the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) lockdown … Amazing:

Digital Hand Sanitiser.  The hand sanitising unit that can play either adverts or messages for both staff and clients …

Nova Sign Content Management System (Licence may be required)


Our digital hand sanitiser uses no-touch infrared technology and dispenses SteriZar Foam, an advanced alcohol-free solution manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing properties available today, being effective within 30 seconds, and killing 99.999% of bacteria, yet still providing a soft and safe feel to the skin.

Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology SteriZar not only provides rapid kill against Bacteria and viruses but provides a residual barrier onto the hands that continues to work for at least 6 hours after the initial application. For just £22.50, you will be able to purchase 5 litres of the SteriZar foam, which is equivalent to 8000 applications for the Sanitiser Video unit.

Pretty amazing right?

Not only that, the module that the foam is built into is also high-tech! All our modules come with:

• A 21.5” Interactive Digital Display, for easy access and usage.
• Android Based Media Player for music and video.
• Nova sign Content Management System (£4.95 per month for the licence if you require it.)
• 4G SIM (£5 per month recurring if you require it)
• The choice of having it either floor-standing or wall-mounted to ensure minimal disruption to the space it’s installed.

All this from just £1800 plus VAT.  Interested?  To find out a little more about Severn Sign’s new device, give me, Vaughan Howell, a call on 01452 739156 to find out you can get your hands on this!  Alternatively, CLICK HERE to see brochure.