How Effective is Leafleting for your Business?

by | Jul 15, 2021

As a business, you may be wondering about how you can grow your brand awareness and further develop your custom. With the rise of social media and digital forms of advertising, you may be quick to overlook print advertising. Leafleting is one form of print advertising that has been around for quite some time and we believe, should not be forgotten about!

So, how effective is leafleting for your business?

We wanted to share with you all the reasons why leafleting is effective and how it can help produce positive results for your business.


1.      They help raise brand awareness.

Leafleting is great for increasing your brand awareness. Actively promoting your business and directly putting your business in front of potential customers is a great way to convince them to buy or use you.

By leafleting either in a high street or by arranging them to be delivered by post, you further your reach and will get your business out there and on people’s minds.


2.      They reach your target audience directly.

Leafleting is brilliant for directly targeting your desired target audience. You can distribute your leaflets to any particular area, person or business. By picking locations that are popular with your chosen demographic, you allow yourself to be directly noticed by them.


3.      They can have eye-catching designs and messages.

The exciting part of leafleting has to be the design! Your choices are limitless, and you can make an incredible leaflet that makes your business stand out against competitors! You can choose from a variety of folds such as gate fold, concertina fold or cross fold – all of which can be used to help make that eye-catching impact.

You can also include content that is easy to digest and view. This can all be done through the use of bullet points, images, colours and fonts.


4.      They are a brilliant form of print advertising.

Print advertising does not feel as common as it once used to. Consumers will spend a good majority of their time on electronic devices on which they’ll see many digital advertisements.

The problem is that digital is often fast-paced and competitive – making it easy for your advertisement or promotion to get lost. Leaflets work well for staying on the customer’s mind for a longer period of time and can often feel like a luxury, as they have received something physically printed that they can hold on to and digest in their own time.


5.      They help you showcase your work/message.

If you have a portfolio full of excellent examples of your work, success stories and more, leafleting is a great option in which to showcase these all.

Whereas with most digital advertisements you can be limited for time, leaflets are a great physical long-lasting solution. There is plenty of space to promote imagery of your work whilst also including the necessary pieces of information.

Many leaflets will often stay with consumers for some time, as they may set it aside for future reference.


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