by | Nov 15, 2021

As we’re coming to the end of 2021, it’s time for businesses to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead.  The Covid-19 pandemic has without doubt, changed the landscape for many businesses.  Trends have changed, working practices have become more flexible, the way we shop has seen a soaring increase in online sales.


Business owners may be looking at their branding and wondering if it still aligns with their vision and mission statements for the years ahead.  As the business landscape changes, it may be that their current branding is out of sync with their target market now.

But before rushing into a total rebrand exercise, there are some questions that need to be asked.  Rebranding can be a complicated and expensive exercise, so it’s important to be clear about why you’re rebranding your business.

Branding your business is so much more than a logo, colours, fonts, packaging and imagery.  It should also communicate your company mission, vision and business goals.  The way you portray yourself through your brand should communicate your company culture also.

Do you need a brand refresh or a total brand overhaul?

Many businesses go through a series of brand refreshes over the years.  AirBnB has refreshed its brand 5 times over the last 14 years to keep it relevant to its target audience.

Microsoft has developed its brand over many years.  Although their identity and values remain the same, their current logo was designed to become more appealing to its audience as well as keeping pace with Apple and Google.

Reasons for rebranding

There are many reasons for rebranding, but there are also some that don’t warrant it.  For instance, if your sales are down on last year and continue on a downward path, it’s more appropriate to look at your marketing strategy first to make sure that it aligns with your target market.  An in-depth look at your marketing techniques would be a better use of time, effort and money, than jumping directly into rebranding your company.

However, if you’ve fundamentally changed the vision of your company and your brand is no longer aligned with the goals of your business, then it’s probably time to overhaul it.

Perhaps your target market has changed, or there’s been shift of trends in the marketplace.  Perhaps you’ve merged with another company, or you need to rebrand for legal or PR reasons in order to not step on competitors toes!

If you’re clear about whether you need a brand refresh or a total brand overhaul, the steps to go through are:

  1. Assess your brand vision, mission and values
  2. Carry out market and target audience research
  3. Decide what makes your company different. Establish your USP’s and communicate this through your brand.
  4. Redesign your brand

When redesigning your brand, you’ll need to create brand guidelines which should include an overview of your company history and values, your company mission statement, vision and goals, details of your logo in terms of where and how to use it.

Pantone colours and font styles, as well as imagery and photography should also be detailed in your brand guidelines.  Thought should be given to how your brand will look on different mediums – your website, social media platforms, letterheads and business cards, brochures etc.

Think about your colour scheme too, as it needs to portray the culture of your company:

Orange – denotes cheer, creativity, sociability, freedom, motivation and dynamic

Yellow – portrays clarity, happiness, warmth, positivity, fun and playfulness

Green – oozes health, nature, growth, success, stability and honesty

Blue – trust, authority, perspective, dependability and power

Purple – loyalty, wisdom, imagination, creativity and respect

Obviously, the typography and imagery you choose should complement the colour palette.

If you’re thinking of either refreshing your brand or embarking on a complete rebrand, then give us a call at Severn Signs, Gloucestershire’s leading sign makers and printers.  We can help you with all aspects of rebranding.  Take a look at our website or give us a call on 01452 739156.