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I know what you are thinking – what the heck are NCR pads?

NCR is the acronym that the printing industry uses for No Carbon Required. NCR paper is usually found in pads where the user requires duplicate copies of whatever is being written. A simple example is an invoice or receipt pad where the business keeps one copy and gives another to the customer.

I know it is difficult enough in these days of shrinking High Streets to get customers into your premises, even if yours is one of the few still relatively busy ones.

People are always heading to their next appointment or jabbering away on their mobiles, not bothering to look at what is around them. I bet you wish you had something you could put directly in their path to make them stop and take notice of what you have to offer.

Guess what – there is.

What do you want from a signage company?

If your answer includes the words ‘gimmicks’, ‘cheap and cheerful’ or ‘something for nothing’ then I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place.

This is what we offer you:

• No Games
• No Gimmicks
• Simply Great Products at Great Prices

We think our products really sell themselves so whatever your signage needs take a look around our website.

I see there is another bout of bad weather heading our way; the Beast from the East Round 2!

It is probably a good idea to check that all your signage is still in good condition and not about to be blown away in the expected high winds.

I am pleased to say that we were once more involved in the recent Best Bar None Awards in Gloucester.

Best Bar None is an Accreditation Scheme with National Awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.