Paper vs Digital Business Cards

by | Mar 21, 2022

Business cards are absolutely essential for businesses of any size (as well as consumers) who want to build their brand and strengthen contacts. Knowing this, the modern approach to business has seen the introduction of digital business cards, which can be sent electronically to an email address or mobile number. But what are the pros and cons of each, and which is more worth getting? Here we explore in depth.



There are strong reasons to suggest why paper business cards have been for so long; they do the job. When we think about the thick nature of a paper business card, this can speak very favourably to the validity of your business, as it makes a significant difference to have something which a potential client can hold, touch, and feel. If the business card is a satisfactory one, this grabs the attention of your client almost immediately, and can give off the sense of professionalism that one always desires in these situations.

Paper business cards can also be easily distributed, since they only require handing out to the person (or persons) you’re looking to communicate your brand to. Because cards of this nature are usually only shared when you’re with someone in-person, they tend to build a stronger personal connection when compared to their digital counterparts.

Printing costs are usually within the expected budget for many start-up businesses too, so they can be an affordable option for businesses looking to newly establish themselves. However, if you need to change certain details on the cards (website, phone number, email etc.) then the entire stack will have to be reprinted, and if your contact details change every so often, this can be a problem.


Looking for a more environmentally friendly option? The key benefit to digital business cards is that they completely eliminate the need for paper, much of which can end up in the bin. This also means that they can be a far more cost-effective option, since printing off the paper business cards is going to cost you more than creating one digitally.

Digital business cards can actually be a method that makes you stand out from the crowd, but since they are becoming more commonplace, this is unlikely to last for a very long time. A fantastic benefit to digital cards is that you can change the information on them any time you wish, which is certainly better than having to get an entire set of new cards reprinted.

Additionally, media attachments can be added, including videos, CVs, employment documents or anything that you feel might make you stand out from the crowd. Here though it would be wise to attach only a few documents and not go overboard; you don’t want to overdo it! What is mainly important is the variety of the media attached, since demonstrating a level of diversity as it relates to your capabilities as a professional is always going to be key.

Worth remembering with digital options is that a very large section of the population is not accustomed to getting their business cards in this manner. Not only are they not equipped with the knowledge on how to access them, but they might also not appreciate this as an alternative option to print ones; anything that’s new takes a while to get used to!


It seems that the choice here largely depends on what you’re trying to convey to a potential client, employer, or business associate. If you’re a creative, who finds it increasingly important to showcase their work as part of their business card, then digital is definitely the way to go. But if you’re looking to convey a sense of professionalism in an industry littered with paper business cards (and very few digital ones), then this is likely the better option for you. Consider both advantages and disadvantages of each and apply them to your specific situation and industry!

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