Preparing to Reopen: Signage Solutions for Your Business

by | Feb 23, 2021

Following the recent Government announcement of key dates coming out of our third lockdown, many businesses are preparing to reopen. With the goal of starting by opening schools from March 8th, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your premises safe and how to encourage social distancing. This is particularly important for premises in retail, hospitality, health and fitness and leisure which will be opening over the coming months.

Depending on your sector, different solutions may be more suitable for you. Throughout the pandemic Severn Signs has helped many businesses with interior signs, exterior signs, safety screens and floor stickers. We understand what you may need to prepare your business for reopening.

Choosing the right signage solutions for you

Depending on your sector, you may need your signage to achieve different things. You might be looking to focus on encouraging social distancing and hand washing. On the other hand, you may be after signage that offers more information about your own requirements for visitors.


When welcoming back customers, it’s important to make sure that they feel safe. They should also be able to easily keep each other safe and with the use of floor mats and stickers you can encourage social distancing. ‘A’ boards would also be a great way to notify customers of any limits on the number of people allowed inside, as well as safety measures you’d like them to follow. Another solution that you might find useful is roller banners. These can be easily installed throughout your store to remind customers of safety measures that are in place.


For leisure centres, floor signs at the entrances and exits will be helpful. However, they may not be a suitable signage solution to use throughout the building. For example, for sports halls or swimming pools, wall banners might be better. These would be large and visible from a further distance. They also won’t take up any floor space meaning that they will be less of a safety hazard in an environment that has a lot of physical activity.


Hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants will initially be opening for outdoor services only. You can get a range of outdoor signage solutions that can help. These include pavement signs and ‘A’ boards as well as floor mats. These can be used to highlight important information. Café barriers and ropes can also be used to manage queues and remind customers of social distancing guidelines.


Schools are home to a large number of students and teachers and it’s important to make sure safety guidelines are easily visible. This can be done with floor mats and stickers to help students stay socially distanced. You could also utilise wall graphics to notify people of the safety measures in place and of the nearest hand sanitising station. Roller banners can also do this and can be easily installed around the school. As corridors will be well used, banners on the wall may be a suitable signage solution so that information is easily visible from a further distance.


Similar to schools, the main goal will be to manage the traffic of employees and visitors. Signs and graphics can be used to notify everyone of any changes that have been made to shared spaces. They can also be used to highlight any one-way systems that might be in place to help with social distancing. Many offices have introduced transparent screens to help lower the spread of the virus as well as roller banners and floor stickers which are all suitable signage solutions.

How can Severn Signs help?

At Severn Signs, we offer a wide variety of signage solutions that you can use to prepare your business for reopening. Our signage can be used to help implement social distancing guidelines, display important information to your customers and employees as well as remind everyone to follow safety measures in place. These include:

And more!!

If you’d like to find out more about our services and how we can help you prepare for reopening, you can use our easy-to-use Call Back Request form or call our team on 01452 739156.