Vehicle Wrap Design Fails for You to Avoid

by | Jan 26, 2021

I know that we talk about vehicle wraps a lot, but it’s because they are a crucial tool when it comes to your marketing. You pay for them once and they give you mobile marketing that gets you in front of potential customers wherever you travel. However, for them to work properly you need to pay careful attention to the design of them. And I’m not just referring to good branding, not using too much text and ensuring that you use the right colours. You need to take into consideration how the vehicle itself may alter your design. This could be sliding doors moving parts of your text around, or open windows changing how something looks. Here are some examples of unfortunate vehicle wrap design fails that have been shared that will hopefully help you keep an eye on your own designs.

Keep an eye on those windows

Windows provide valuable space, especially when it comes to smaller vehicles like cars. However, you need to keep on eye on what exactly you are putting on those windows. As you can see in this example, they didn’t account for the lowering of the window giving this guy a larger forehead and a very squished face. Although this isn’t too detrimental to the overall message, it isn’t great.

It’s not just what’s on the windows that matter

When it comes to designing vehicle wraps, it can be easy to forget that windows are see-through. This means that when you open sliding doors, unless you have covered those windows, you’ll be able to see the design underneath. In this example the word “HITS” gets shifted and results in a slightly different placement of that ‘S’. Just bear that in mind if you want to avoid your own vehicle wrap fail folks.

Be careful how you split those words up

Sliding doors with windows aren’t the only ones that can create unfortunate vehicle wrap fails. You should take into account how any wording will be split up when you open that door. Something that often happens is that one word will be spread across the gap at the edge of the door. In this case, it turns an innocent instruction into a more insulting one.

Watch out for spliced sentences too

It’s not just cutting the sentence in half that can affect your message. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may end up splicing a sentence in two and creating a new one. In the case of this van, what started off as “Practice Your Skills” ends up with the ‘S’ taken out and a completely different message being displayed.

You need to watch out for ALL doors

As the heading suggests it’s not just sliding doors that can lead to unexpected vehicle wrap fails. Vehicles with doors at the back, such as vans and lorries, can also fall victim to unforeseen message edits. In this particular case, it was an open door covering up part of a logo that caused the issue. You need to be careful that using your vehicle won’t cover up your logo and change the type of company people think you are.

Hopefully these examples will help you to avoid any unintentional design alterations when creating your vehicle wraps. At Severn Signs we can show you how vehicle wraps should be done, for cars, vans, bikes and even food trucks!

If you want to find out how we can help you design and apply new vehicle graphics for your fleet, get in touch.