What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Wraps?

by | Nov 27, 2020

When thinking about the best way to advertise our business there are many options that come to mind including leaflets, online ads, posters, business cards and more. But have you ever wondered if there was a way to get your business noticed without having to hand out loads of flyers or pay a monthly charge for a billboard? We’re confident that vehicle wraps are the answer for you, offering a way to get your brand seen by a large number of people each day.

There are many benefits of car and van wraps and we’re here to take you through a few of them to help you decide if they are the right option for you and your business.

Wide reaching marketing

If you drive around a lot, think of the number of people you drive past who look at your vehicle. Now consider the number of people who would look at your vehicle if it had an attractive eye-catching graphic on the side of it. These numbers represent an unreached audience that you are currently not marketing to but could be. By investing in high-quality and well-designed wraps, you would be putting your brand and business out there for all to see and for all to take notice of.

If you have access to a large fleet, that’s even better because you can cover an even larger area. Your mobile vehicles can reach a wider audience than static adverts such as posters and billboards.

Friendly and unintrusive

Marketing tactics like going door to door or putting leaflets in local magazines aren’t always the answer. A lot of people find this very intrusive and often won’t pay attention to the information they are being given. However, by placing your branding on your vehicles you are putting your business out there in a non-aggressive way, leaving people free to look and take notice as and when they want to. Potential customers will tend to respond better to advertising that doesn’t have an ‘in-your-face’ approach and vehicle wraps are a great example.

More cost effective

As we’ve mentioned wraps are much better then static advertising such as billboards because they are more mobile, but they are also more cost effective in the long run. High-quality wraps will last a long time and you only pay as and when you want your wraps changed. This is far better than rented advertising space such as poster spots and boards which involve a monthly fee.

Protecting your property

Vinyl wrapping is exactly what it sounds like. It involves wrapping your van or car in a layer of material and this material acts like a second skin to your vehicle. This can protect it from scratches and marks caused by road debris and other objects. Vinyl wraps can also be removed without damaging the paint job meaning that they are brilliant for keeping it in good condition, which is great if you ever want to trade it in or sell it on.

At Severn Signs we can help, from a single vehicle to an entire fleet. We offer professionally applied graphics and wraps, using the latest, full-colour technology to create graphics to fit your requirements. Why not find out more about our Vehicle Graphics services?