Why Signage is Essential for Start Up Businesses

by | Dec 15, 2021

Starting a new business is an exciting, if not daunting experience.  There’s so much to do in order for you to start trading and it’s important to get all the right things done so that you can hit the ground running.


Here’s why we think that signage is essential for start-up businesses.


Your branding should be a reflection of yourself and your business.  It should reflect what you stand for as a company – your goals, values, ethics etc.  Your logo, colour scheme and message should be well thought out before you go to print.

Branding is essential and once you’ve nailed down your logo and your message, it’s important that they’re reinforced everywhere you can think of to make a real impact, for instance, above your premises to tell people where and who you are, van graphics to spread the word, fascias, pop-up banners for exhibitions and so on.

Did you know that 83% of small to medium sized enterprises consider signs and graphics to be the most integral part of their marketing strategy?  So it goes without saying that signage should be part of your marketing strategy also!

Signage and graphics can communicate your message to potential customers on a physical level.  It’s estimated that a potential customer needs to see your branding at least 19 times before they make the decision to buy from you, so by thoughtful placement of signage, you expose your company to your customers more often, and reinforce your message.

Signage and graphics should last for years, which makes them cost effective in terms of return on investment.  Good quality, attractive and timeless graphics create a really good impression of your company for many years to come.

There are certain criteria to consider that make up a good branding strategy when it comes to signage and graphics.

  1. A picture paints a thousand words

Images should be very relatable to your potential customers.  They need to instantly recognise the type of business you are and relate to it.  This could come in the form of vehicle signage, pop-up banners – anywhere that’ll tell your story for you.

  1. Go big

Large graphics have more impact.  They also tell your potential customers that you’re serious about your business, have faith in your business and are professional.  There’s no room for the faint hearted here – the bigger and bolder you can make your signage and graphics, the better!

  1. Stick to one key message

Don’t confuse your potential clients with too many messages.  You need to be clear about what you’re communicating and stick to the same message right across all of your signage and graphics.

People don’t buy when they’re confused!  It’s the job of your signage and graphics to give them a clear reason to buy from you!


When considering starting up a new business, then consider your signage and graphics to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.  It’s cost-effective in the long run, will give you a great return on investment, communicate your key message clearly, will offer you fantastic exposure to potential clients that are looking for your type of business, and sow the seeds to potential clients that may need your services in the future.

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