7 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Pavement Signs

by | Jul 25, 2022

Pavement signs remain a fantastic way to get your brand out there. Setting one of these up outside your premises or in the forecourt of your business will allow you to easily communicate with any potential customers while utilising a relatively low-cost approach. There are a number of reasons you should be investing in pavement signs today, and below we have listed seven of them:

Attracting new customers

Pavement signs are really about getting your brand out there for people to see. This means attracting the attention of potential customers passing by your business, or even people in cars. Setting up a board sign outside of your premises to advertise your business is the ideal way of attracting new customers because it’s such a physical reminder of who your business is and where you are.

Locational awareness

You can utilise boards and pavement signs to direct potential customers to your business. this can be especially helpful if your premises is not located directly on a particular high street. Setting up these panels with directions to your unit or store makes it especially easy for customers to find exactly where you’re located, which will in turn increase your potential revenue.

Showcasing special offers

It’s common knowledge that a special offer can be a fantastic way to boost the outreach of your business. Drawing attention to potential promotions and offers using a pavement sign is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Keeping people safe

The process that people use to shop has changed drastically due to the pandemic period. In many places, social distancing is still considered best practice. Pavement signs are a fantastically low-cost way of giving your customers any critical information that they might need to know before entering your premises.

Advertising that is affordable

Keeping costs as low as possible and revenues as high as possible is the most fundamental tenet of good business. Choosing to advertise your business using pavement signs is a brilliant way of getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing; especially if you go with a chalkboard panelled sign. The best thing about this is that messaging can be updated and adapted as many times as you like without the additional cost. These kinds of signage options offer the greatest value for money when it comes to advertising boards, but panels that have poster pockets can also be just as effective and come at a considerably smaller cost.

Promotional space year-round

The majority of pavement signs, including those offered by Severn Signs, are durable and designed to withstand weather conditions in the UK year-round, meaning that you can display these outside of your business whether it’s sunny or raining.

Doubling the effect

Boards and pavement signs are double-sided, which means that you can get double the marketing space you would otherwise have with a one-sided board. You can either reflect the exact same design on either side in order to attract potential business in both directions or change things up to offer different designs on either side. Special offers, treatment and price lists, menus, events, jokes, logos, or inspirational quotes… you can have an endless list of possible choices!

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