Printed Stickers & Labels

With the latest technology in digital printing, Severn Signs can offer high quality labels in a timely manner.

Polycarbonate, also known as Lexan, is a durable transparent film avialable with either a gloss (highly polished), velvet or matt finish which is ideal for producing durable, long lasting labels. Polycarbonate labels (Lexan Labels) are a popular choice amongst engineers because they are hardy, high end labels designed for industrial use.

  • Hard wearing material which is resistant to abrasions
  • Can be reverse printed (so that the print if fully protected)
  • Water resistant
  • Heat resistant up to temperatures of 147°C
  • Ideal for applications requiring transparency
  • Windows or LED displays can be included
  • Control Panels
  • Nameplates
  • Medical Equipment

Types of Labels & Stickers

Self-Adhesive Polycarbonate Labels

Lexan Polycarbonate is a much sought-after label material and this semi-rigid material offers extreme durability and is particularly suitable for the production of industrial labels such as keyboard overlays, membrane switches, architectural signs and exhibit/display work.

Polycarbonate labels are reverse printed to ensure that your labels remain legible and intact even when exposed to oils, solvents, cleaning agents, and other chemicals commonly encountered in industrial usage.

Poly Labels

Digitally printed polypropylene labels on rolls. Perfect for outdoor use and products that may come into contact with liquids. Waterproof and tear-resistant.

Paper Labels

Digitally printed paper labels on rolls. A popular, cost-effective label product available with a gloss or matt finish. Ideal for product labelling.

High Tack Labels

Digitally printed labels on rolls with an extra-permanent high tack adhesive. Your design is printed onto a high-tack material that’s ideal for ‘difficult to stick to’ surfaces.

Resin Domed Labels

The polyurethane resin dome provides a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant coating to protect your company logo or design, displaying it clearly, even in harsh conditions. Domed Stickers are a great addition to any product that will display your company logo or brand clearly and professionally.

Magnetic Signs & Fridge Magnets

Digitally printed removable magnetic signs and fridge magnets. Strong, vehicle grade magnetic attraction that you can remove as often as you like

Removable Labels

Digitally printed labels on rolls with a peelable adhesive. Your design is printed onto a low-tack material making these labels easy to remove. Ideal for promotions and advertising.