How Can Signs Enhance A Space and Community

by | Jan 10, 2024

Sometimes a dull space just needs some vibrant colours or art to make it pop. By adding a sign to your business or event, you can not only attract more people into your event or business, but you can also help enhance the look of your community or space.


 1.Reflecting Identity within the Community


Perhaps more than anything, community signage highlights the identity of a community. From direction and location signs to storefront signs of local businesses, the identity of a community is linked to its appearance. Beyond the appearance, the information and messages that are shared through the signs and displays can help to enhance a community’s identity.


2.Enhancing Infrastructure in the Community


Within a community, there is the need for operation signs and signs that act as informers and communicators to share important messages. A city’s infrastructure relies on a shared understanding of certain messaging. For example, the stop sign is immediately recognisable by all, this is the same for many other community signs that provide structure for daily life.


3.Encouraging Participation in the Community


Communicating a message and gaining participation is a critical component in a community, and a great way to get do this is using signs and visuals.

Special events, such as car boot sales, fun fairs and sports events, are important for creating lasting relationships and investments in the community. At these events, signs should be used to include all ages and be easy to read and accessible for full inclusivity.


4.Brighten up surroundings


Old buildings with new businesses can sometimes be lacklustre but by adding new signs or stickers, they can get a new lease of life. This can also brighten up and improve the visual look of the community by bringing some colour or graphics to the scenery.


5.Local tradesman


Signs on vans or cars of local trades can also bring a sense of community to the local area. By bringing recognition to these local trades, it can create new found relationships within the community as these trades are now instantly recognisable.


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